Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kinlee came to visit!

I got pictures 2 times during their visit (boo!), but they are pretty cute. Liam and Kinlee had a fun time together. They got along pretty well and giggled and played. We always have super busy Sundays and this one was no exception. I had to cook a roast and make several dozen rolls for dinner before Sunday morning because Mike and I also had meetings that morning. Right after church I had choir practice, then we went directly to the Howards for dinner/ Gage's farewell party. (He just left to the MTC this morning. Hopefully his visa will come soon and he will be off to Brazil.) Anyway, Kambree helped me make rolls on Saturday night so we would be ready for Sunday. The kids decided to help, too.

Liam started eating the flour that I'd lay out to knead the dough in.

Kinlee wasn't too sure about it...

She eventually went for it and this was her reaction. I think she still wasn't sure whether she liked it or not.

Liam had no problem eating straight ol' flour, though. Weird!

The next batch of pictures is from the morning that the Meudts left. I realized I didn't have very many pictures of their trip about 15 minutes before they pulled out of the driveway, so I quickly busted out the camera.

Just the kiddos eating breakfast that morning... I totally dig Kinlee's bed head!

Liam is getting better at feeding himself with utensils.

Mostly, though, he just shoves everything into his mouth at the same time.

Kinlee is such a cutie...

Liam is sad that they had to leave... He woke up the next couple of mornings wondering where Kinlee was. "Kin-ee, Kin-ee," he would yell as he walked around the house.

Thanks for visiting, you guys. Come back any time!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Am a Child THANK YOU!

Last night was Wednesday night. What this means is Chelsie goes to Young Women, and Mike usually goes to the clerks' office to do clerking. Depending on what the Young Women are doing, Liam sometimes goes with Daddy, but is usually with Mommy. Daddy sometimes goes with Mommy, too.

Anyway, at around 8:40 Chelsie came to the clerks' office. I told her I was nearly done and would be out shortly. Ten minutes later, I found them in the Young Women room. As I walked in, Michelle, one of the Beehives, told me "Liam has been singing 'I Am a Child of God!'"

For the next several minutes until we dropped Michelle off at her home, Liam and Michelle had the following exchange over and over:
Michelle: Liam! say "I am"
Liam: Am!
Michelle: "a child"
Liam: Chi!
Michelle: "of God"
Liam: (pause, followed by a high-pitched) ... THANK YOU!! (which actually sounds like 'tankoo!')
Michelle: He was saying it before!
Michelle: Liam! say "I am"
Liam: Am!
Michelle: "a child"
Liam: Chi!
Michelle: "of God"
Liam: (pause) ... THANK YOU!!
And repeat ad infinitum.

Our sweet little child of tankoo!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Lost Liam...

...and we didn't know where to find him! One minute we were in his nursery cleaning and playing, and the next minute, he had vanished. The nursery door was closed, so we knew he could not have gotten far. We searched aaaall over. We called out.

"Liiii-am? Liiii-am! Where are you, Liam?"

Then, mommy's shoe organizer made a noise. The noise sounded strangely like a little, tiny laugh.

Were the shoes laughing at us? But we didn't have time to deal with a shoe organizer. We had to find our son! The search continued.

"Liiii-am? Liiii-am! Where are you, Liam?"

Then again, another noise! The shoe organizer MOVED! But how could it have moved? The only way I know for something to move is if it has feet. Shoe organizers do NOT have feet. But. Wait. What? WHY is Mommy's shoe organizer growing... FEET!?

We decided that this was far too strange an occurrence to ignore, and just HAD to take a closer look. We creeeeept up sooo sloooowlyy... When all of a sudden, the shoe organizer started to shake! It was coming right for us! AUGH, LOOK OUT!

Boy, were we surprised to find out what was making the noises! Those feet? They belonged to Liam! He was just hiding, after all! He had a great time tricking Mommy and Daddy!

After we discovered his hiding place, he had more fun playing behind there. He would enter from the right, wait for a few seconds and burst out the left side! Then, he'd do it all over again.

*Sigh* I love parenthood!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recent happenings

Last week (or something like that) Liam and I played outside in the mud. I actually put together one of my garden containers so that I could plant my onions, spinach, and potatoes. Liam ran around in the grass and played in the mud. He had a super fun time- you could see it on his face!

And, I just threw this one in because it's cute. Fishy kisses!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sgt Serge and other fun

March 8-

Liam got this cute zhu zhu pet named Sgt. Serge from his cousins for Christmas. He loves this thing! He laughs and laughs when he pushes the buttons and hears its little mousy chirps. He loves making him go. He thinks it's really funny to watch him go on the carpet because he kind of jumps along. Anyway, we decided to take the fun a step further by building Sgt. Serge a little cage, where he could freely go. Liam had fun with this for a while, but then decided it was more fun to wreck the barrier and throw cans on the floor.

Bonus! Video...

March 9-

I was asked to sing for the Relief Society birthday dinner next week and I've been struggling coming up with a song that fits the theme of the activity- 4 Seasons of Sisterhood.

(Any ideas, shout them out). Today I rewrote the lyrics to a song, thinking that it might work if I can't find something else. I took Liam downstairs to play while I practiced my song a few times.

He climbed up onto my crafting table, found some markers, and drew all over himself. It wouldn't be such a big deal except that it's permanent marker.

I'm actually kind of glad that the pants he was wearing today are way too big. He took them off right before we went downstairs. He would have ruined his pants for sure!

Bonus! Another video...

A couple of things I should probably explain: When he tells me what happened to his leg you may notice what he's doing with his hands. He loves to play patty-cake and, I guess, he has associated "markers" with "mark it with a B."

It's a little bit hard to tell in this video, but he loves to go "driving." One Sunday morning he surprised me by saying, "Driving," pointing at the steering wheel, and made the driving motion with his hands. (we have never before done "driving" with him, he just picked it up) Since then he loves showing us how he goes driving. He also likes to get inside his baby tub and pretend that it's a race car.

And, last thing- at the very end he says "gock," which I think is actually "look" meaning that he wants to see the picture I just took with the camera. This kid surprises us every day with new things he's picked up: new words or new experiences. He's just so smart!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We almost died!

So, here's the deal. We've all been pretty sick... see

SICK! So, there hasn't been much picture taking happening around these parts. We've still had stuff going on and Liam says and does cute, silly things, but I have no photographic evidence. I can't imagine that you'd want to actually READ the ol' blog, so I waited to update until I had some cute pictures again, as to not bore you with too much text.

Here are some pics of the little cutie bug, who, incidentally is now old enough to hang out in nursery! Woot!
Not that I don't absolutely love the little man running around, banging on the girls' chairs in Young Women, and climbing up onto the table so he can draw pictures on the chalkboard. Not that I won't miss his stinking up the little room with that afternoon drawer filling.

And, not that I won't miss snuggling during the lesson, trying to get him to sleep, while he just screeches because he wants to get down and play! Of course I'll miss all of that on my Sundays! :) All kidding aside, I am a little nervous about him learning certain words like, "mine," and hitting and fighting with other kids.

I am hoping he isn't a problem- I hope he is sweet and well-mannered and happy and positive. I hope he participates and sings during singing time and doesn't throw fits. I hope he is a good boy and that he has fun in nursery. I really will miss the little stinker, though.