Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daddy's shoes

The other day Liam thought he was so clever because he could walk around in Daddy's shoes.

Cute as a button! We had his 15 month check-up about a month and a half late because we missed it with all of our December travels. The doctor said he is performing a few months ahead- that he is smart and doing very well. He is tall- in the 90%, but skinny- in the 10%. The doctor said that it's nothing to be concerned about because he is super active. He just runs around all day long, so he's exercising it all away. Not to mention that his Daddy is super skinny. His head size is also in the 90%. He needs a big head for all those brains! He really is very smart- he says all sorts of words (some of his newest are- gook: book, gock: rock, bay: baby, wv-wv: waffle, der-a-go: there ya go, tayk-ew: thank you, fww: food, ha-tt: hat, shew: shoe, Shh: Jesus). He loves to speak in an old man voice. He makes all sorts of animal noises. He sleeps in a big boy bed! He gives kisses all the time. He sings and dances. He colors on a paper. He undresses himself (ugh! He prefers to be naked). He climbs on EVERYTHING. He loves to "help" me with whatever project I'm doing. He is such a fun, happy little boy. We love him like crazy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I got my new glasses in the mail today!!! I know, right!? I haven't been able to see while wearing glasses for many years. And now- I can! I took out my contacts and slapped these babies onto my face just as soon as I got the package open. I love them and I love them! We played with our fake glasses and Liam today. He had a good time and made us laugh all afternoon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A couple of cuties

One of the first things we did when getting back home from our holiday vacation was hang out with the Geurts. Here are a couple of pictures from that time together. I have no idea what Liam is doing in the picture- perhaps he's showing us his teeth...?

He is obsessed with smothering littler people than him (especially girls) in kisses and hugs. Sometimes, actually, we find him just smothering them by pinning them on the ground. Yes, more than once...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I forgot this one...

Grandpa Larry was Liam's best friend by the end of the trip. When he had his buh-koo he had to be sitting in Grandpa's lap

ALSO.. LIAM GOT A HAIRCUT! He looks pretty cute all shaved.

And now we go to Utah...

Christmas night we drove to Utah. We went to a missionary homecoming- Mike's cousin- Sunday morning and had Christmas dinner with the fam that night. It was delicious, as usual. Then the kids played, we opened gifts, and played with our new toys afterward. The kids were so darn cute that I just kept taking pictures of them playing. So, you get several. :)

Liam was eying all the presents as they passed by to their rightful owners. He liked tearing the paper and playing with the packaging more than anything.

I'm not sure who looks funnier, the creepy lady or the drunk baby.

Monday night we went to a wedding reception. It was fun and Liam loved dancing, but I can't prove it. You'll just have to believe me.

But the next night, Tuesday, I got lots of pictures! We went to Temple Square and oohed and ahhed at the lights. Liam had fun for most of it. Then he got cold and grouchy on the walk back to the car. It was fun.

Liam says "Jesus" but it sounds like "Shh!" We loved seeing "Shh" at Temple Square. That is one place we want to go every time we are in Salt Lake. There is just something about it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 days ago...

... Which brings us to Pocatello. Liam was loving all of the Christmas decorations at my parents' house. He loved the ornaments so much that he broke a couple- really fancy nice ones, too. Sorry, Mom.

One of my projects I talked about in the last post was to make some cake balls for my brother, Todd, on a mission. We did a twelve days of Christmas thing for him and I had days 10, 11, and 12. He got 10 cake balls, 11 candy bars, and 12 greeting cards. Of course, I had to make a box for the cake balls!

Christmas Eve celebrations were held at Grandma's, which is tradition.

We all sit around, eat food, laugh and try to keep the babies away from the breakables. Sorry about all the pictures at this part. I actually narrowed it down to these cutest ones. This little boy is just too adorable.

Christmas morning!! Liam wore his cute red jammies to bed so that he'd be cute and festive on Christmas morning.

And, seriously... what's Christmas morning without an awesome snot bubble? Let's take a closer look...
Our Christmas was complete with red jammies, snot bubbles, presents, yummy breakfast, games, toys, missionary phone conversations, smiles, hugs, and family. Come back tomorrow, when we go to Utah for more holiday fun!

32 days ago...

December 10... Oh, December 10! That is where it all went awry. I got a call that afternoon from my mom informing me that my grandfather was just put in the hospital and it wasn't looking good. He was without oxygen for way too long and was in a coma. Even if he did come out of the coma he would be in a vegetative state. He passed away the following day. We were planning to go home for the holiday on the 22nd- driving to Boise that night and arriving in Pocatello the next morning. Instead, though, we started out our drive on Sunday, December 12 so that we weren't driving during a work day. We packed everything up including all of my unfinished Christmas projects and drove the 12 hours. This day, though, we weren't going for holiday parties and jolly fun, but to be with family during a difficult time. The funeral was on Thursday. Whitney wrote a wonderful life sketch and we enjoyed celebrating my Grandpa's life. He was a good man and we will miss him. We know that he isn't suffering anymore and got to have holiday parties and jolly fun with his family in heaven.

Anyway, before all of that- back to December 10, we saw Santa again at Liam's pediatrician office. I think this was the real Santa, though. None of that fake beard and pillow-stuffed coat for this guy. Straight from the North Pole, I tell you!

Liam also became fascinated with shoes this day. He wore my boots all day long and tried walking in them. That. Was. Funny.

39 days ago...

We're onto Dec. 6. Here's another nakey pic, because there's nothing cuter!

Liam was really into wearing coats for a while. He wanted to wear his coat all the time, including when he was jammied up for the night. And, he went through a phase of drinking his milk without holding on. He'd bite the spout between his teeth and tip his head as far back as necessary. He would try to walk and play while drinking.

And, moving right along to Dec. 8.

We had pizza. Liam had crust. I swear I broke it into little pieces for him. He took all the little pieces and squished them all in his mouth. He wouldn't let me take any out and eventually somehow he got them all down.