Monday, November 7, 2011

How-mean pictures

We took Liam trick-or-treating downtown Gresham, where many of the businesses were passing out candy. There were a lot of people and most were dressed up, even the adults, so it was fun to see. We went as the Up characters, Carl, Russell, and the House. The people who had seen the show were impressed. Those who hadn't just thought Mike was an old man, Liam was a scout, and I was a dollhouse. Ah well. It was still fun.

We met Liam's friend, Kyleigh (and her parents and little brother) for the festivities. Then we went to a few friends' houses near home to finish out the night.

On Saturday, though, we had a scary How-mean party with pumpkin carving, scary movies (Nightmare Before Christmas and Monsters Inc.), hot chocolate, and snuggling. Liam talked about the "party" for days afterward. :) I love that he is so easy to please.

Here is Mike's awesome pumpkin.