Thursday, April 19, 2012

A look around

I realized the other day that I haven't shown you around the boys' room yet. Soon I think the babies will need to be separated- they're waking each other up- so things might have to change again. I'll show you how it looks right now, though.

Liam's side.

The shelf is that project that I took on while hugely pregnant. The "drawers" are actually banker's boxes with fabric faces. There are 2 shelving units (2X4), so that each of the babes can have one as they get older. It provides lots of space for toys, books, shoes, and baby stuff. I think my favorite part of the whole room is the color blocked wall. It extends down the entire length of the wall. It took a couple of days, but I think it turned out so well.
The babies' side.
That, my friends, is a hand painted wall thingy. :) (Actually, everything in this room is handmade because, A. I'm cheap, B. I love to create, C. I'm cheap. The canvases have been birdies, futuristic shapes from the robot room, and now monograms. Oh yeah, the other side of the Liam painting from the first picture is that big, fancy monogram painting from Liam's baby room. Did I mention I'm scrappy, too?

The window/ corner/ nursing area.

With birdie mobile, squeaky rocking chair, and cute curtains.

The wall opposite the window is just the closet- nothing special about that side. I took off the doors, though, and put up a curtain- the same color as the wall. Inside the closet is Liam's dresser. Oh, there's also a cabinet on the floor and shelves right above it on the right side of the crib. Also, nothing special- just a place for more baby stuff, humidifier, monitor, and some little trinkets.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter buddies

Imagine the babies with cute shoes on that match their bow ties. Also, imagine that Jude didn't spit up all down the front of himself right before taking these pictures. Imagine Liam in the pictures wearing light pants, a blue and tan checked button-up, and a robin's egg blue vest. Imagine Mike wearing his light suit and a pink tie. And finally imagine me wearing a flowery skirt, pink top, and white cardigan. There, now you know what we looked like on Easter Sunday. :) I am seriously bad at taking photos these days- even on important days like Easter. But, here are a couple of the babies in their get-ups (mostly). That counts for something, right?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I need to get batteries for my camera. For now, here are some recent pictures of the boys from my phone. :/

1. Both boys are strong enough to sit in the Bumbo. This is Lucas, showing off his skills. (February 15 ish)

They are getting stronger every day. Jude likes tummy time- Lucas gets mad. Jude can roll over from front to back. Lucas rolled at about 3 or 4 weeks old several times, but hasn't since. He is more rigid and stronger than Jude, but is stubborn, too, I think. He is not one to perform in any way. It is hard to get a picture of him smiling. Jude is a little more social and loves to perform for anyone who looks at him.

They still like to snuggle, most of the time. They kind of pick on each other sometimes, too. I will find Jude smiling and giggling while punching his brother in the face. Lucas likes to suck on whatever Jude puts in his face, be it fingers, ears, or blankets. (Jude on the left, Lucas on the right)

(Lucas on the left, Jude smiling on the right)

Liam likes to play with the boys- sometimes a little rougher than I'd like. For the most part, though, he is really sweet with them. He sings to them, reads to them, tries to feed them, gets them binkies and blankies. This particular day he couldn't wait for Jude to wake up from his nap before playing.

I finally caught Lucas smiling!

Copy and paste! (Lucas on the left, Jude on the right)

Today, April 4. Liam loves his brothers!