Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Chelsie seems to always go out of town on Mother's Day. That's good for her mom, because "out of town" usually means Pocatello, unless I'm with her, then it also means Salt Lake City.

Again, I found myself alone for a couple of days with nothing to do. Chelsie wanted a new dining room floor, so I got some help and we did this:

Happy Mother's Day, Chelsie. I love you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My cute boy

I just found these pictures from a couple of weeks ago that I haven't blogged about yet. This first set was taken right after Liam's nap. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful day to eat orange slices out on the deck. He still has tired eyes, but I think these are just about as cute as ever!

Most every time I take a picture of him lately, Liam runs over (usually before the picture is complete) and wants to see it on the screen. Then he tries to steal the camera to take pictures by himself. Well, this was one of those times and I decided to let him help me take a picture. Then, magic happened! I said, "can I have a kiss?" and snapped the picture right as he leaned in. Aww! I love my little crazy kid!

A cute family in our ward put together an Easter party for the kids. We colored eggs, the kids made Easter nests, they had a pinata and some other games, and we all brought food to share. It was a lovely time and I thought, for sure, Liam would love to participate in all of the festivities. Not so... well, not as much as he liked driving around in this car. I am pretty sure we're going to need to get him one of these because he spent probably an hour and a half playing. Perhaps next year he'll be a little more social.

The photo finish of the egg race...

On Saturday, the day before Easter, we went with some friends to an Easter egg hunt at a local park. The Easter Bunny came in on a helicopter, which was probably Liam's favorite part. He loves anything that flies in the air.

He was not as excited to actually meet the Easter Bunny. And, he didn't get even one egg during his hunt. The parents weren't supposed to go inside the area, but two seconds in they all were there trying to scoop up the eggs for their child. Liam was annoyed, I think, because he stood there just staring at all of the people and threw his basket down in disgust. We had a hunt later with just a few kids and he loved finding eggs- and, especially, eating the candy inside.

Easter Sunday was fun and busy, as Sundays usually are. Mike had to go to early meetings and left even before Liam woke up. The Easter Bunny had, at some point, delievered some baskets filled with candy, toys, and other goodies.

Liam wore his cute new Easter outfit for church, we combed his hair like a big boy, and we went off to sing praises and to worship our Savior at church. I love Easter. I love the gospel. I love my family. I love my life!