Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Chelsie painted this of Liam. You can visit her blog at

oil on canvas board

Thursday, March 25, 2010

6 month stats

We had Liam's 6 month appointment on Tuesday (he's actually closer to 7 months now). He was the center of attention from the time we got there. All the nurses and receptionists and whoever else were wanting to tickle him and just loved him, especially when his naked baby bum was sitting on the scale. One lady even said he is just... just... delicious!

Weight 18 lbs 1 oz
Length 27.5 inches
Head 44 cm (17.3 lbs)

The doctor said he is in the 75% for all three measurements, but that is if he were exactly 6 months. Comparing his stats to several other growth charts, we see that he is almost exactly 50% for weight and head circumference, but his length is at about the 77th percentile. He has slimmed down since getting active.

I haven't posted a half- birthday tribute yet, so here ye be.

Some nicknames that have stuck:

Mr. [Tiny, Chubby] Pants
Drooly Bop
Little Love

Happy half-birthday, Liam baby!

March 21 and 25

March 21: Daddy cuddle

March 25: Playing with his toys. I wanted to add some clever text because the third photo makes me giggle. He wasn't mad or sad, he was just mid-yell.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 18, 19, & 20

March 18: Liam basically pulled himself into his bouncy chair. It looks like my child never wears clothes. Truth is, I normally take my pictures at the same time of day- sometime between eating peas, taking a bath, and jammying up for the night. So, naturally, the nakey pictures are bound to sneak in there.

(look at his cute face in this one. He is sucking on his top lip.

Bonus: Video! Sorry about the abrupt ending, but notice how excited Liam was to see his Daddy.

March 19: Again, during that time of night... only this time it's directly after he had a bath.

(Liam likes to watch Wheel of Fortune... in the nude :) )

Big floppy ears and a tail! He he!

March 20: Liam and I walked to the park to meet up with some friends. He had his first experience on the swings (which he loved!) and going down the slide (which he also loved!).

You see our neat jogging stroller that we got for FREE... I love craigslist.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 8-16

March 11- Thursdays are now craft days, so Liam and I go to a friend's house to play with my cricut, mostly. Liam gets to play with some other kids.

March 12 maybe?

Whenever this was: I was making dinner and left Liam to play in the living room. I didn't hear him for a while so I checked on him and found him eating his bouncy chair.

March 13, I think: Liam tried peas for the first time. He didn't really mind them. I think he just likes to eat- doesn't matter what it tastes like.

March 15: Liam likes to jump in the kitchen when we make dinner. He was getting bored and wanting to play with something, so I tied a grocery bag to the drawer where he could reach it. He LOVES it! Well, last night I was making dinner, Liam was jumping and playing with his bag, and Mike was doing dishes. He put the bottle away on Liam's forehead, of course!

March 16: Liam is getting really mobile. He crawls all over the room. He went from one end to the other (14 feet to be exact) in order to play with Daddy. He is also able to sit himself up. It may not look like it in this first photo, but he is actually slimming down- losing the michelin man rolls. :( He's growing up too fast!

I think I told you before how much he likes to chew on tags. This ball has tags all around it- Heaven for this little guy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 7 (I think)

Just playing in the pack and play after his nap. He was, of course, chewing on everything in sight including the plastic edge of the crib.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feb. 28 and more March 2

I just looked through the pictures on my camera and realized I hadn't uploaded some from the weekend. They are too cute to pass up, so you get an overload of pictures today. I hope you don't mind. This first one is just the cute little guy after church on Sunday- just playing.

Well, then he decided to back this party up. He scooted back and got stuck under his bouncy chair. I thought it was funny. He didn't.

I believe he is teething because, among other things, he tries to chew on everything. Here are a couple of his latest indulgences:

The couch cushion. We call it his popsicle.

And an apple core. He went to town on this thing for a good 5 minutes before I took it away. I don't know if it's bad to let him chew on it, but he sure liked it. When I took it from him he bawled like I had bit him or something. The apple was nasty and covered in drool.

Now here are a couple of videos. The first one is just the little dear laughing at his weird mom.

These next two are a little long, but there's some really great stuff in them. Liam is so smart- here's proof. This first video also shows another thing that Liam loves to chew on. And, he's getting really close to crawling- the second one is proof of that.

Mar. 2 and more of Feb. 15: Tickle Blanket and Naan

I would like to introduce you to Tickle Blanket. Tickle Blanket was my baby blanket, made for me by my great grandma, Clara Stark Nelson.

Tickle Blanket was so-named because of its tickling properties. Many people thought it was because of the yarn ties on the top side, which sports tiny blue and pink butterflies and bunnies. Those many people are wrong. The tickling occurred on the underside, the part that goes against your skin. You see, the thin fabric had little tiny bumps, so when you would run it over your hand or face (or anything), it tickled!

Well, Tickle Blanket saw me through some tough times. It wiped up my snotty nose, my tears, and was always there to keep me warm. When my dad would read "The Hobbit" to us before bedtime, I would get nightmares about Gollum living under my bed, so I would always tuck Tickle Blanket around me on all sides. And you know what? It worked! I am still alive today, thanks to TB's protective powers from being strangled in my sleep.

I was recently elated to find Tickle Blanket in our linen closet. You see, I had been deceived by Yuki into believing that she had it in San Francisco. Nope--truth of the matter is that she has Danny's baby blanket, also a Grandma Nelson special.

Well, now Liam has--and uses--TB. That scrap of cloth was so good to me, I know it has protective and healing powers, from Gollum to Sauron, from Emperor Palpatine to Darth Vader, Liam is totally safe. Even when he untucks himself.

You will also be pleased to know that I found these pictures from our trip to Seattle last 15 February. We stopped at "Naan -N- Curry" in Renton, a great Indian place we found on our honeymoon. Liam was explaining the menu to us, as he is a renowned connoisseur of Eastern cuisine.

But in the end, he opted to eat his cloth book (a most excellent selection).