Monday, January 19, 2009

Progeny Brady: Genius Baby

This child will change the world:

We expect him/her to discharge from the womb sometime in September, at which point s/he will be given $100 to purchase new "job interview" clothing, and then go out and find a job, not unlike what happened to me (except that was immediately after my mission, not immediately after being birthed). However, we expect Progeny to be so advanced that formal training in reading/'riting/'rithmetic, speaking, or anything else, will not be necessary. Nor will a mission. His/her mission will be to change the world, and perhaps an LDS youth mission factors into that. These things are up to God, and may or may not be made known to us.

Message to Progeny: no pressure. Love you!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Am I Virile?

We will find out on January 19th when the Chels visits a local MD.

Disregard the shiny spots in the photo. I won't spell it out for you, because it's vulgar, but it is the opposite of what this guy is saying: