Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 20 & 22

We've had an interesting week, which somewhat explains the lack of posts. We got back from Idaho/ Utah on Sunday night, Liam slept so well that night (and I got to sleep on my new mattress!). He woke up Monday morning with a runny nose. He was really snuggly and just not feeling well all day and got quite a fever. He took something like 5 naps before 3:00 in the afternoon. Mike and Jeff gave him a blessing that night because he was in pretty bad shape. I gave him some tylenol and hoped for the best. Well, I was up with him all night long Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. He would wake up every hour just screaming and flailing around like he was in so much pain. Wednesday afternoon he got a horrible rash that just kept spreading. He was acting fine during the day, no fever, just an ugly rash. I took him to the doctor on Thursday after his nap because it was not getting better and I was worried. Turns out, rash was in response to the fever, the fever was because of those blasted teeth, and he wasn't sleeping because of the teeth as well. So these pictures were taken right during the worst of his rash. Poor baby.

Here is my new haircut. I'm getting more used to doing it and I'm liking it more and more. I LOVE that it doesn't hurt like the dickens when Liam pulls it. I'll try to take a better picture... this is kinda a bad hair day. Ah well.

On Saturday, May 22, I went to a stake Relief Society thing, where we had to wear name tags. I got home and Liam was so fascinated by the silly thing. I stuck it on his chest so he could wear it and he loved that! (There are those baby legs again. I'm going to make some less girly ones sometime.)

And here's a little video from this day. I couldn't get what I was hoping for- he puts the Mr. Potato Head pieces in his mouth with the peg sticking out and hums. It sounds like Darth Vader (is that right, Mike?). So, you can kind of get the gist at the very beginning, but he stopped as soon as he saw the camera.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16th

We drove home, starting out at about 7:30 am. We stopped only a couple of times for gas and just once to eat. We discovered sometime during the last couple of weeks that Liam loves to chew on limes. He makes the cutest little puckery face, but continues to suck out the juice and chew on the rind. We stopped in Boise to eat at a little Mexican place. We tried to feed Liam some sweet potatoes, which he also loves, but apparently not nearly as much as limes.

May 15th

Saturday, May 15th, Mike, Sachiko, and I got to go to the temple to do some family sealings. We sealed Mike's grandparents (Sachiko's parents) together, Grandpa to his parents, and Sachiko and a deceased brother to their parents. It was so neat to be able to do that with Mike and his mom. Thanks to Kristen, who babysat for us. That afternoon we went to a BBQ with a bunch of Mike's family members. Paul and his dad work on old cars. He had a couple of them on the lawn during the BBQ. I got some pictures of some of the people at the BBQ, but mostly of the little man, of course! :)

May 14th

Grandma and Grandpa Fluharty have lots of fun toys for Liam to play with. He especially loved the pizza guy Elmo, with the talking pizza, and this mosquito.

May 12th

Elder Todd Choules entered the MTC on Wednesday, May 12th. He will be going to Phoenix, Arizona on June 3rd. We drove down to Utah on Tuesday night (the 11th), went to dinner at the Olive Garden, hung out with the Ferraris, and drove back to SLC to stay at Mike's Mom's house. On the 12th, Whitney, Kambree, and their kids went with my parents to drop Todd off at the MTC. (BTW- I stole these pictures from Todd's facebook page, posted by Whitney.)

Then Whitney wanted to get some pictures of the temples around the valley for her temple series. Kinlee, Saige, and Peyton went with Grandma and Pa-pa home to Pocatello while Whitney and Kambree drove to the temples. I met up with them at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We then went to Jordan River, then to Draper. I didn't get any pictures of Draper because I had to pick Mike up from work. Holy huge houses around there, though! Whit- I need pictures that you took from there, as well as Provo and Mt. Timp.

I couldn't resist getting some cute pictures of my little peanut! He loved playing in the grass. I think these pictures turned out really cute.

May 9th

Farewell Sunday for Elder Choules. Todd spoke in sacrament meeting- Did a great job. These are the Barker and Ferrari boys with Todd:

We were also trying to get some good photos of all the Choules grandkids wearing their matching Easter clothes. Liam was totally fine with taking pictures, but the girls weren't. Peyton wouldn't look at the camera or scoot near Liam. Kinlee didn't want to be put down from her mommy's arms. Saige did well, though. She is such a good big sister/ cousin. She loves the little ones. They all looked so cute, though.

Shaylee and Daniel

Kevin and Mike comparing arm length, I think.