Monday, November 29, 2010

Jocelyn's wedding reception

Jocelyn got married last month in Rexburg and just had her reception here in Gresham this weekend- just two days after Thanksgiving.

Mike put together the video. He also took care of the baby tending while I took pictures:

Here's the whole fam:

The happy couple:

And some details:

Jocelyn didn't want a cake. She said that she and Adam would feed cake balls to each other, which is all the cake that they were planning to have. Karen and I found some pictures of wedding cakes made out of cake balls and thought we'd give it a go. Karen made all the cake balls- something like 450 in total! Yuki and I put the cake together on Friday morning. I painted the scrolled vines on top and Yuki made some fondant flowers. I found a picture of cake balls dressed like a bride and groom and Karen made a couple to go on top. I think it all turned out so awesome!


I totally failed at documenting our Thanksgiving weekend with family. I got the following measly shots...

Here's Mike carving the turkey. We smoked our turkey- boy, was it delicious! Thanks Bishop!

Yuki and I did all the cooking- we had turkey, mashed taters, gravy, stuffing, rolls, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, veggies and hummus, and pies. Thank you, Yuki, for making such delicious food!

We had a great Thanksgiving with Mike's sister, Yuki, and her family: Joseph, Akiko, Moses, baby Asher, Sam, and Hannah.

This is Moses and you can see Akiko in the background. I'm bummed that I didn't get more pictures of all the kids. This was the first time we had met Asher and the first time any of them had met Liam. Even though I have no evidence, we had a lot of fun. We ate food, played games, sat around and talked, played with kids, made a wedding cake... wha? That's the next post. Anyway, thanks for spending Thanksgiving with us, Weckers. We loved having you! Please come again soon!

Family pictures

We took some pictures to use for Christmas cards. These are the best ones. It's a little bit difficult to take decent pictures when running back and forth from the camera on the tripod to the rambunctious little boy who just wanted to run and play with leaves.

Mike took some pictures of Liam and me. I think these turned out pretty cute.

The ones that I took of Mike and Liam all came out blurry and dark. I don't know what happened.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 15

Some cute recent pictures of our little stinker. He's getting quite clever and so smart. He dances, sings, talks, and knows how to make us giggle. His favorite words are wow, mama, dad, ka-ka (cracker- which just means anything he can eat), ooh-ahh-ahh (monkey sound), mo (amen), nigh-nigh (night night), bahhw (ball), pa pa, hi, bah- bah (whenever he wants something he says bah-bah. I have no idea where he got that.), puh (please- he has only said this once or twice), go, car, bye-bye (or just "bye" in a really sweet-baby voice). He watches Mike leave to work out the front window. He waves and says, "Bye, dad!" over and over. It is so cute! He also mimics a lot of what we do. He snores when we fake snore. He knows where his nose is, where his shoes go, and how to get dressed. I can't wait to show this squirt off when we come home for Christmas. So excited!