Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Liam!

 Liam turned 3 on September 5.

 We had a dinosaur themed birthday party on Saturday, the 8th.

 Friends came.

 We had a dinosaur egg hunt...

 While wearing dinosaur feet.

 The kids played at the playground between lunch and other activities.

 It was very simple and very relaxed.

 I think the kids had fun.

 They especially liked playing with all of Liam's new toys.

 I think the adults had fun, too.

We played and ate ran and giggled.  Perfect day for a 3-year old.

Liam is getting so smart.
He loves to do school and learn new words.
Recently, he has added many big words to his already large vocabulary.
He is learning about rhymes and loves to say rhyming words.
He has a crazy imagination.
He is super sweet and loves to say, "I love you!"
He loves to say prayers.
He loves to play with his brothers.
He is the babies' favorite person- I think they love him more than me.
He is getting to be so helpful- really actually helpful.
He is still so skinny.  He has his 3-yr appointment on Monday, but I know that he weighs about 28 pounds, putting him in just the 15th percentile for weight.
He sees a gun in anything. (We were learning about the letter L and he thought that they look like little guns.)
He sings very well, but gets embarrassed if you catch him singing.
He loves cars, airplanes, dinosaurs, machines, and everything else that screams, "Boy!"
He tells me that he wants to be a pilot.
He loves macaroni and cheese, strawberry (or chocolate) milk, yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy... and that's about all he'll eat.
I think his favorite place to go is Chuck E Cheese's.

We love our skinny, crazy, smarty pants, little Liam!  He drives us crazy and makes us smile.  He melts our hearts and makes us wonder.  He is becoming a wonderful little boy and we're so proud to be his parents.  Love you, buddy!  Happy Birthday!

The Beach

 We went to Cannon Beach on Labor Day.  

 It was supposed to be pretty warm, but was still way too cold for any wading.

However, all the babies whined of being cold pretty early in our stay.

 And the baby babies kept getting sand in their eyes.

 Liam and Daddy built sand castles and then pretended to be big monsters.

 To babes, sand is the most fascinating and delicious stuff ever!

 And then we changed sandy diapers for days!

That's actually one of the best parts about going to the beach- the lingering reminders about the fun times had there.