Friday, February 11, 2011

Liam's robot room

I'm not completely finished with Liam's room, but since I'm going through some pictures right now I thought I'd show you around.

Here's the big boy bed.
Some friendly robots to protect him.

Some art, cogs, and accessories.

I want to reupholster the rocking chair and ottoman something fun and modern. Maybe some stripes. And some cute, robot-y mobile for the corner.

Also, I forgot a couple of words that Liam seriously uses all the time, and I can't believe I forgot them: cookie, candy, and stuck.


I wanted to quickly write down some of Liam's new words before I forget. It seems like his vocabulary is increasing daily, even hourly. He will try to say just about everything but these are the words that he's been using correctly lately.

Couch, church, touch, watch, eyes, hair, hat, ball, stuck, one (want one), dance, tickle, shoes, socks, bird, bed, night night, rock, clock, book, boo, Kyleigh (says Ky-ee), go, bath, snack, amen

I'm sure I've forgotten some. And, of course, he still says all his other words like Ma-ma and Daddy that he's been saying forever. The list, though, keeps getting longer and he continues to perfect the words he says. He's a smart cookie!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Lap Dance

Shamrell house.

Liam had finished his nightly warm milk.

He usually gets revved up before crashing.

Tony puts on the Beach Boys.

Hilarity ensued, presented in three 1-minute videos:

For those of you who got this in email and can't see the videos, click this link: