Thursday, October 29, 2009

Salt Lake City, Blessing in Brigham, Birthday party, and other randomness

We went to Salt Lake City last week for what began as a work trip and turned into a lot more. Liam and I went to Pocatello in the beginning of the week. We visited with my family, spent alot of time admiring the parents' new kitchen, and worked on some crafts (including Liam's blessing outfit). We then drove to Brigham City to bless the little tyke and continued back to SLC with Mike for almost a full week. While in SLC we visited with more family, lunched and dinnered with some good friends, and watched Liam chunk up right before our eyes. He has been working on perfecting the smile lately. Man! What a pay-off. The sleepless nights, dirty diapers, spit-up filled clothes, and tantrums are worth the coos, smiles, and giggles! Since being back home, I put together a cute Halloween costume, as you read about in past posts.

Liam met his uncle, Todd, for the first time... they got along very well.

He also met his cousins...

Smiley faced Pey- Pey
All the Choules cousins... Saige, Peyton, Kinlee, and Liam

Grandpa Fred
Uncle Danny

Grandma Sachiko and Grandpa Larry

Unicorn Liam and sleeping Daddy

Liam is getting so strong and likes to stand up... on our laps, on the floor, the table, or on our hand...Look at that chubby belly!

Cousin Anna and Aunt Terra

Cousin Ian

Great-Grandma Mary

Aunt Kristen

Cute, sleepy sock monkey

It's a sock monkey wearing a vest! The socks I used were in a pack of 3 pair. I was needing 2 pair of the brown and 1 pair of the light, but could only find a pair of each and a pair of argyle, so I made him a stylish sock monkey! He slept the whole time I was playing dress up. He must have been pretty tuckered because it isn't easy to get on over his flub.

I love my Liam.



Sock Monkey Recipe

3 pairs of socks
1 baby (less than 10 lbs)
Needle & thread

Give all ingredients to Chelsie.

1 serving

Lobby Chelsie

Everybody, ask Chelsie to post pics of Liam in his homemade sock monkey Halloween costume.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

little video

Surprise... another post about how cute Liam is. I took some really high quality videos of the little squirt the other day from my phone. Here's one:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Teaching the boy

Mike got home from work tonight in a goofy sort of mood. He decided to give Liam a tour of the house since "we haven't done that yet"-- his words-- and this is what I found...

"so, you sit on this big hole when you have to go poopy"

"then you wash your hands and dry them like this..."

"this is where Daddy works..."

Mike is such a good Dad. He's started early teaching Liam the really important things! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just some more cuteness...

I have a TON of pictures of our little cutie and thought I'd start unveiling some.

And here's a cute video of tummy time. Sorry about the spit-up at the end-- and, therefore, the abrupt ending. Also, I think Price is Right was on in the background- it's kinda noisy.