Monday, January 30, 2012

family photos

playing catch up

November 7 was the last post, eh? Wow! I'm so behind. We've kind of had a lot that happened in the last 3 months. Zoiks!

I'd like to interrupt this post to say THANK YOU to so many people who've helped us the last few months. I was put on bed rest in the middle of November. Since I have a rowdy 2-year-old, bed rest was not really an option, except that I have awesome family and friends. Our ward jumped right in and provided meals for about 4 weeks! Liam played with some friends and was taken care of so that I could stay down as much as possible. My Grandma came and stayed with us- did the cleaning and running after Liam- and provided much needed company for me. During that time I crocheted a LOT and had to let people do everything for me. That was hard, but I am so grateful for great people. I am thankful for those who babysat, brought meals, cleaned, called, and also for those who were willing to help. My Mom, Dad, and sister, Kambree, came after Grandma left and were here until after the babies were born. Then, my mom stayed for another week or so and helped with the new little guys. My mother-in-law came after that. And, finally, my older sister, Whitney, came to help. I just took her to the airport this morning and now I'll have to take care of this family of mine by myself. I am so blessed to have had so many weeks with help. So, for all of you I say:


Okay. Now I'll try to update.

As I said, I was on bed rest for much of this month. I was getting big and uncomfortable. I had terrible heartburn. I had a difficult time hefting my growing baby bump up and down the stairs. Getting dressed was quite the chore. I couldn't run around and play with Liam much anymore. I went to my doctor's appointment and found that I was dilating. At the ultrasound, also, we found that the babies were measuring quite small- nothing to be too concerned with at that point, but we needed to make sure they stayed in there as long as possible. Those are the reasons for the bed rest prescription.

So, I did a lot of crocheting. I decided that I'd crochet all of our siblings and nieces and nephews slippers and beanies (slippers for the girls and beanies for the boys) for Christmas. I think I ended up crocheting like 25 pairs of slippers and 8 or 10 beanies. I also crocheted some toys for Liam and friends, some things for my own family- beanies for all my boys and slippers for me, some ornaments that I intended on taking to my visiting teaching sisters, and other random things.

I don't really remember much more about November. I know we had some yummy meals provided by people in the ward. I know my grandma helped me can some apple pie filling, some apple butter, and dry some apples and fruit leather. I know that Liam probably did some cute things, but I was really bad about taking pictures and writing anything down during this time.


I did a really bad job documenting this month, too. There was some ward Christmas partying, some hanging out with family, some cute things done and said by Liam... but no pictures to prove it.

I continued getting bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable. We kept the little peanuts in there longer than anyone expected.

The twins were born just a week after this picture was taken, on December 30, 2011. And now I will bombard you with photos... :)

At the hospital:

January- Welcome home, baby boys!

Since coming home we've been adjusting to life with two babies and a 2-year old. Today is the first day I will have had to do it on my own, so we will continue adjusting and getting a routine. All the kids are sleeping, I just got some lunch, and now I have a few minutes before the babes need to eat again. My days will be spent nursing, cooking, nursing, cleaning, nursing, nursing, playing with Liam, nursing, and maybe some napping. It will be fun and rewarding, but difficult and scary. Lots of people have done it, though, and I can too.

Some pictures from the past couple of weeks that Whitney's been here. She is a photographer and took some family pictures, too. See those in the next post.

We now know that if I HAD to go out by myself with all the kiddos,
two baby bjorns is doable. :)

I haven't talked about Christmas at all... maybe I'll go into detail some other time, but for now just know that it was good. Liam got spoiled. We all got spoiled, really. We love our family. We are all doing well and we can't wait to see you all again soon. I will try to keep this here blog updated with current pictures of the wee things so you can all watch them grow up.