Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin patch- October 30

We went to a beautiful pumpkin patch on Saturday.

Liam played on this cool vintage tractor.

We took a bunch of pictures with Sachi-bear...

...played with some horses

... and went on a carriage ride.

Then, when we got home, we drank caramel apple cider and ate candy corn.

Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29

We had a great time at the ward Halloween party tonight. Liam's costume was a hit. Mike's makeup was awesome. We had way too many sweets. It was a good night.

This is Moe- one of my young women. She is such a nice girl.

This is a giant sandbox filled with rice for the wee ones. Liam LOVED it! Also, this is Kyleigh- Liam's girlfriend.

There were two Cleopatras

I think Mike was the only zombie.

Brother G was freaked out a little. He didn't quite know what to think.

Liam liked eating cookies. People were all too eager to share with him, too.


Liam doesn't look thrilled that his dad is trying to eat his brains.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 15 & 17

October 15:

We built a fort and had so much fun! Liam loved playing in it and finding new secret passages in and out. We kept it up for a couple of days because Liam seemed very bothered when I tried to take it down.

The tour-

Welcome to my fort. I love it!

Come around to the main entrance.

Here is where the babies sleep... let's take a closer look

There's Scout, Toggl, Sachi-bear, and baby Pooh all tucked in for their nap

And that completes the tour. Thank you for coming- now get out!

October 17: Today

I was making rolls and Liam was playing around in the cupboards and by the window and with his toys- nothing abnormal. I looked over at the pantry and found little Curious George making a mess with the cornmeal. It actually looked pretty fun. I would like to play in a big canister filled with cornmeal! I had to snap some pictures before cleaning up the mess.

How could I stay mad when he pulls this face?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Little Tobias

Those of you familiar with the television series "Arrested Development" will probably be the only ones to appreciate this post.

In this TV show is a neurotic character named Tobias Funke (FYOON-keh), who is a self-titled "nevernude." He has a complex where he is absolutely terrified of even bathing, unless he is wearing his cutoff denim shorts.

Here is Tobias in the doctor's office:

Here is Tobias being mocked by his on-screen wife about his complex:

Recently, Chelsie bought some Huggies for our little man. They didn't have the regular white diapers, but instead all she had to choose from were the diapers that are made to resemble little jeans shorts:

And here is our own little nevernude:

No, this won't be his Halloween costume. If it were, I'd probably vote for the nevernude Blue Man (Tobias auditions to join the Blue Man Group):

Instead, Liam will be dressing like this for Halloween:


Friday, October 1, 2010

Sept. 20, 22, 25, 28 & Oct. 1

Sept. 20

Liam likes to have things around his neck. Tonight his neck accessory happened to be the Wii nunchucks. We love playing with our silly baby! He seems to be frightened by the crazed expression I have on my face! :)

Sept. 22

Liam loves to watch the garbage truck on Tuesday mornings. He actually loves looking out the window no matter what's happening. Tonight, in fact, (Oct. 1) he spent a lot of time watching some neighbor kids ride their bikes. He also tries to escape any time the front door is opened. He'd play outside for hours if I let him.

Sept. 25

We went to the Oregon History Museum on Saturday, the 25th for FREEEE! It was National Smithsonian something or other so many of the museums were offering free admission on that day only. We rode the train downtown with Janae, Dallin, Saren, and Mitsy (Dallin and Saren's grandma). The kids were quite well behaved and worn out by the time we rode the train back home. It was a fun-filled day, but this is the only cute picture I got.

Also, notice the massive bruise on Liam's forehead in this picture that you don't see in the ones previous. We knew it would happen eventually: Liam took a dive off of his high chair right onto the vacuum. Later that day he also shut his head in the refrigerator and fell right into the corner of the wall causing bruises across his entire forehead.

Sept. 28

Monday, FHE, the day after my birthday... We had a packed weekend to celebrate my birthday and the fun just kept happening during the week. We played all day then went to Toy Story 3 at the cheap theater for FHE Monday night. Liam did okay for the first 30 minutes or so then got really sleepy. He slept for the rest of the show. He was dressed when we went out, don't worry! This was earlier in the day, playing catchphrase, of course!

Oct. 1

And now, today... I got a crochet pattern for a really cute beanie for kids and have been all about the crochet lately. The hat is not quite done, but I have to find some buttons to finish it off. Liam has really enjoyed the extra toys to play with (aka: my crochet hooks and yarn). He was super playful tonight, so I snapped a few photos. I can't get enough of his silly, cute, crazy little faces. I love this kid so much!