Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I will take pictures of our costumes tonight when we go trick-or-treating. For now, enjoy this funny... I mean, scary... video!

If your computer is anything like mine and you can't watch here on blogger, here's the link for facebook.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin patch

We went to the pumpkin patch last night for Family Home Evening.

"Daddy... How-mean right dehr!" (Halloween right there)

As you can tell, I'm really excited to have my picture taken.

Liam's favorite part was the tractor. He drove it for a good long time before going to look for pumpkins and couldn't wait to drive again after we were done.

He insisted on pulling the wagon through the pumpkin patch. He didn't want to ride in it and he certainly didn't want any help pulling it.

At some point during the trek through the pumpkins he got frustrated. Maybe it was because of the cold. Maybe it was because we made him give the wagon to our friends for carting back their pumpkins. Maybe it was because we are just plain mean. Whatever it was, he stopped in the middle of the field and yelled at the top of his lungs. And then, he was done.

When Kaitlyn (Liam's friend) and her family were satisfied with the pumpkins they chose we went back to the tractor and (surprise, surprise) took more pictures!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Liam's Babies!

Chelsie mentioned in her last post that Liam likes to mock Mommy by pretending he has babies in his belly, too:

I caught him on video making fun of Mommy. It's pretty funny, especially when he strikes the Ladies' Man pose at the 55-second mark:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cell phone pictures

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic these days- remembering how Liam was as a baby, thinking about all of the cute things he's doing these days, and daydreaming about what it will be like to have two more to care for. They will each have their own personalities and do cute things. They will each be silly and lovable, I'm sure of it. I noticed that I have a bunch of pictures on my cell phone that I haven't discussed yet on this blog. I don't want to forget the funny things Liam has been doing and so I will post some of them here.

A couple of weeks ago Liam was being particularly difficult. He would not listen, he kept hitting and yelling, he spent a lot of his days in time-out. He had a hard time taking naps for several days, and I was getting frustrated. One day he was being pretty good and wanted to go to the fire truck park (a park right by the fire house that has all sorts of fire truck toys to play on). It was too late to go that day, but I promised that we would go the next day if he was a good boy all night and all morning. Of course he was excited all night and all the next morning and kept mentioning that we were going to the fire truck park. I didn't check the weather, though, before making this promise. It was a rainy day, but we found an hour or so pocket that only had a small chance of rain. We packed up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, water, cookies, and popsicles (no, it was not warm enough for popsicles, but Liam thinks popsicles and fire truck park just go together) and headed to the park. It was wet, cold and slippery, but we had a great time.

Speaking of time- outs... this picture was taken mid time-out one day. He, at some point, took off his diaper and was sneaking out to the living room (time out is on the stairs). When I noticed that he was out of time-out he plopped on the ground and buried his face.

Guess who's poo pooed in the potty exclusively for the past 5 days!

I'm pretty sure he's doing so well because he loves getting a candy bar, which he pronounces "cand-a-bar." He gets super excited and proclaims, "Poo poo toilet! Cand-a-bar! Yay!" (Also, when you ask him to smile he closes his eyes...)

Some of Liam's favorite things to do:

1. Help Mommy or Daddy.

He loves to "help" do the dishes, make dinner or dessert, fold laundry, and even clean up his toys. He sings the clean up song all the while! "Clean up, clean up, eh bud SHARE!"

2. Hode on tight

Many mornings Liam stands at the top of the stairs and yells, "Mommy! Hode on tight!" Downstairs, Mommy!" I then have to go upstairs and let him ride down on my back. He does this with his babies, too.

3. Speaking of babies- he loves to play with his stuffed animals as babies.

He puts shoes on them (notice the rain boots in the hode on tight picture).

... and his Lightning-da-queen pack pack

He has asked for baby bottles and blankies for his babies. One day, out of nowhere he came to me with his little stuffed monkey and said, to his monkey, "What? Milk? Okay!" To me, "Mommy, baby milk!" I got a baby bottle and put a little bit of water in that he pretended was milk. (Really he drank it all) He then said to the monkey again, "What? Blankie? Okay!" I had to get the baby a blankie and wrap him up tightly. Liam then rocked the baby, fed him some "milk" and finally put him to bed on the couch. He usually ends up snuggling with a baby during nap time.

4. Tease Mommy about her growing baby belly.

This was his idea. He put the ball under his shirt and then gave one to Daddy to do the same. He thought he was so funny!

And most recently he sticks his belly out and wobbles around the house, apparently like me.

When we would ask what his baby's name is he used to say Liam. Now he says Jude, which is one of the names we are thinking of for twins.

He also loves to tell the babies stories and blow rappities (raspberries) on Mommy's belly. He will be a good big brother (hopefully).

5. Watch the garbage trucks.

I think I've mentioned this before, but he will drop everything and go to the nearest window if he hears a garbage truck.

6. Play, play, play!

I don't have pictures of most of his crazy games that he has made up. They include toes up, Daddy fall off, mail time, putting spongebob in time-out (usually because he hit Mommy),
... playing with this ugly troll toy that he calls Stephanie, train fall off, cars round-a-round, reading books, and watching movies. Some favorite movies are: "Lighting da queen," "Crebidles," "Wee-oh," "Laddin," "Thomas," and "Mormon Stories."

And speaking of church, he loves Monson and his friends, Urkdurf and I-Wing. He loved Jen Confence, but has missed playing in nuh-sey.

I love that crooked smile and skinny little frame. He is such a silly cutie bug and I'm happy that I get to spend all day with him!