Saturday, November 10, 2012

The many faces of Luke and Jude

 These kids are crazy.  And, despite my constant lecturing on the subject, they just keep growing up.  They are 10 months now- crazy, right?!  They are doing all the things that normal ten-month-olds do... they eat solids, they can drink from a sippy cup, they say Ma-ma and Da-da and other general baby gibberish, they go up the stairs (and almost down- on purpose), they play and giggle, and they are constantly on the move, getting into everything.  Jude walks- has been for a few weeks now.  Lucas still crawls, but has recently started letting go of furniture and standing for a couple of seconds.  He's pretty content, though, just staying put for the most part.  They are both smart and silly. 

Lucas wins everybody over with his big eyes and tiny little frame.  He is a little peanut.  He loves to snuggle.  When he gets in a silly mood he giggles and giggles and giggles!  He's smart and playful.  He is kind of a stinker, though.  He hates getting his diaper changed- he rolls around and arches his back and screams and throws his hands around.  He acts the same way when we try to put him in the car seat or when we try to get him dressed.  He throws the silliest little fits, throwing himself on the floor and yelling.  He'll usually stay like that with his head down and crawl for a second.  It makes me laugh and shake my head. 

He loves to eat.  I don't know why he's as small as he is because he probably eats more than Jude these days (with the exception of nursing in the night).  Speaking of night time- he has been sleeping most of the night for the past several days, maybe week.  We got some voodoo teething necklaces last week.  Might be a coincidence or they might actually be working. 

 Lucas makes some of the best faces!  They make us laugh and then he does it some more.  He has such a fun personality.  I can't wait until he starts saying things to go with his funny faces. We love our Lukey-doo.

 Jude is our little social butterfly.  He is ALWAYS smiling.  He will run into something and get a giant bruise but flash a grin just as soon as you look at him.  He is always moving and has pretty much mastered walking.  He can even do things while walking, like drinking from a sippy cup or waving a ball around.  He is so strong.  When he plays with his brother he rams his head to get his way.  He is always stealing toys from Liam and Lucas, not to be mean but because they're so shiny!  He has a one tracked mind and will go after something until he takes possession.  He loses interest pretty quickly, though, and moves onto the next thing.  Specifically he follows this pattern with my cell phone or remote controls. 

He is also a good eater; both babies eat a lot more solid food than I ever remember Liam eating.  Jude always seems to have a cracker in his mouth or fist.  He is doing better at night (since getting the necklaces), but likes to sleep with me.  He wakes up several times during the night still, but goes right back to sleep as long as I am with him. 

 Jude's faces are all about that crooked little grin.  Sometimes he has cute dimples, sometimes he squints his eyes, but he's always grinning.  We love our Jude-a-roo!

The one picture where he's not grinning from ear to ear.  Looks like he's getting ready to grin, though!

For good measure, here's a funny face by Liam.  We wouldn't want to leave him out. :)  We love our Liam-buh-buh, too!

My three babies... er boys

I think Liam sometimes gets jealous of the babies.  He will play with toys that are, obviously, too young for him.  He will sometimes ask for bites of their food.  Most often he will ask to sit in my lap or snuggle with me like he sees the babies do.  Every once in a while I will find him trying to squish himself into the Bumbo or high chair.  And this once I even caught him trying out a binky.  He doesn't like any of this stuff.  I think he just sees the babies using them and wonders if he might enjoy it, too.  He prefers big kid things that they can't do, though, like drinking strawberry milk and using the ipad. 

Luke thinks it's funny to see his big brother in such a tiny chair.

Oh, Liam.  You didn't even use a binky as a baby.  By the way- the babies don't use binkies anymore either.  It's kind of bittersweet.  I am glad we don't have to ween them, but I end up having to nurse a bit longer.

This is how Jude looks most often- super smiley and always moving.

I love to see the temple

 We sometimes drive out to the temple, just for an outing or for FHE. 

 Liam loves the fountains... and angel Moroni

The babies love the ride- both the car ride and the stroller ride.  
(That is, they love it as long as they aren't hungry) 

I love the Quiznos we usually get afterward. :)

 And, I think Mike loves that we all love it so much.  We love the temple!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

I didn't feel as into Halloween this year as I have in years past.  Liam has been planning on being a fruit bat for, like, 6 months.  I wasn't super excited about that costume, but ah well.  That's what he wanted. I went to work on his costume.  He loves it, and that makes me happy. 

I came across a picture of the most adorable lion hat and knew I HAD to make it for at least one of the boys.  Fittingly, Jude walks around the house growling at everyone, so I knew he was going to be a lion.

Lucas is so snuggly and sweet, he wouldn't have made a very good lion.  I thought a more appropriate costume for him would be a lamb.

He didn't love to wear his hat nearly as much as Jude.

Everyone looked cute, though, and we were off to do some trick-or-treating.

The many faces of Jude the lion


We went to downtown Gresham, like last year, and walked around to the businesses.  Liam practiced saying Trick-or-Treat in a loud voice, so that people could hear him.

He also practiced flying, like a real live fruit bat. :)

The babies just snuggled in the stroller, looking cute, of course.  


We left downtown to visit some ward friends and trick-or-treat in the neighborhood.  It rained on us just a couple of times, but stopped pretty quickly.  We didn't get too wet.  It wasn't super cold.  Liam got a pretty nice haul.  It was a successful Halloween.