Saturday, May 26, 2012

5 month check-up

The babies had their 5 month check up yesterday. From the moment we squeezed through the doorway in our double-wide stroller, all eyes were on our little cuties!  All of the kids in the waiting room were excited and happy to see two cute babies.  The nurses and doctors all took a minute as we were walking to the room to gawk and tickle their bellies.  Of course, they responded well, smiling and giggling at everyone. 
Lucas is still a little peanut, weighing in at 12 lbs 14 oz and measuring 24 inches in length.  That puts him less than fifth percentile for all measurements (about 3%).  He has maintained his own curve and is proportional.  He is growing and doing very well; just a tiny little thing.  He is very strong and has a great sense of balance.  I showed the doctor our trick- where we hold him by his feet and balance him on our palm.  He smiled and cooed just right and is just doing so well.

Jude is small, too, but bigger than his brother.  He weighed 14 lbs 9 oz and measured 25.5 inches in length.  That puts him in about the 20% across the board.  He jumped from about the 15% to 20%, which is good.  He is also performing well.  The doctor was impressed with his mobility and said he'd probably be crawling in the next few weeks.  Seriously!  This kid is wiggly!  He's a little more of a bobble head than Lucas.  However, he sits up very well.  In fact, just last night he sat up (without help) for at least 2 minutes straight.  He was watching his brothers play. 

Anyway, they did well and are totally perfect!  (except that they won't sleep for their Mama!)

They had their 4 month immunizations and screamed, of course, but held hands and comforted each other afterward.  It was so cute to see them help each other like that.  They are their brother's favorite play thing and best friend already.  I love to see that!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 Months

 This is a post I wrote at my blog, but since nobody reads that blog anymore, I thought I'd post here, too. :)

4 Months

That's how long it's been since I've done any painting.Image
That's how long my house has been messy and the laundry's been backed up.
That's how long it's been since I've had a decent night's sleep.Image
That's how long it's been since I've gone anywhere by myself.Image
Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting it all done.Image
That I'm not a very good wife or housekeeper or visiting teacher or Relief Society teacher or sister or daughter or aunt or, worst of all, Mother. Image
Then Liam will choose to play with his homemade rocket over his other toys, or ask to snuggle with me, or one of the babies will quiet down when they hear my voice.Image
And I realize
This has been a really productive 4 months.Image
I still have dirty floors. I still have no new paintings to speak of. Sometimes we have frozen pot stickers for dinner... at 9:00 pmImage
But I am so blessed. I have 3 awesome boys. A great husband. Wonderful friends and family. And happiness.
What a wonderful life!
Liam made sugar cube temples in nursery. Boy! I love nursery! He also came home saying, "Jesus was resurrected!" and "Jesus loves me!"