Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The naked escape

Liam loves to climb the stairs. He also loves to be naked. One night after his bath he decided to escape before I could get his diaper on him. Where did he go? Up the stairs, of course!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22

Pacifier, cookie, same difference, right?

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 18 & 19

Liam had some fun with the mirror the other day. He is able to pull himself up to just about anything. He can even stand using just the wall as support. He then walks around whatever he is holding onto- the couch, the chair, down the hallway wall. Ugh! He's going to be walking in no time.

He had been kissing himself in the mirror, but got distracted when I got the camera on him. At the end, though, he makes faces at himself in the mirror. It was very entertaining to watch!

This crazy kid has never been a binky guy. He doesn't use one to soothe himself or anything. He has just started finding them, though, to be very fun play things . He still doesn't use them correctly. He instead carries it around, sometimes hitting it against his metal canister to make noise. Rarely does he actually put it in his mouth, but when he does it is usually like this:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Climbing the stairs and new trick.

Liam climbed the whole flight of stairs

Liam has a fun new trick

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why I Love Photoshop

Know why I love Photoshop? Here is the original:

Friday, April 9, 2010

The past couple of weeks...


March 26: Liam and Dallin played while Dallin's Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital welcoming baby Saren into the world! Liam was chewing on the mesh of the pack-n-play and Dallin wanted in on that action. They are so cute together- they get along great. Dallin knows where Liam lives and says his name every time his parents drive nearby. He also calls every baby Liam, including his new baby sister. He has started calling her Honey, though, since that is what his parents call her. We love Dallin! And we love sweet baby Saren.

March 27: I don't remember what was so cute about these pictures, but here you go... This first one shows where Liam spends much of his day- playing with his toys in the living room.

I don't know where we went, but he sure looks cute in this one. Oh, wait- I think this is when we took Dallin to see his sister. Yes, that's what it is because that is the hospital in the background of the second picture.

Without further ado- here is Miss Saren Avery Geurts

I really don't know when these next pictures were taken. This one is Liam sitting in his big boy chair helping me make dinner. He's got his plastic bag and rubber C to play with along with other toys which had already fallen to the floor at this point.

Liam thinks that Saren is the most beautiful thing ever. He is so intrigued by this tiny thing that makes some weird noises. He wants to touch her and play with her and especially eat her all the time.

One of Liam's favorite toys lately has been this metal canister, which he found in one of the kitchen cupboards one day while helping me cook. He rolls it all around the floor chasing after it and giggling. I guess he picked up drinking from a cup and likes to practice on his new-found play thing.

What's cuter than this smiley boy?! :)

I do know that these next pictures were taken yesterday, April 8. Liam's Grandpa, Fred, came to visit for a few days and brought this cute little onesie. Again, he was helping me make dinner and I thought he looked so cute with the light coming in on him through the back door. You can also see how he has started crawling. He did a weird inchworm thing for a while, fake coughing along the way, then a normal proper crawl, and now, to go faster, he kicks his leg quickly up by his hand and pushes off with his foot.

(This is the inch worm crawl from last week or the week before)

And from today, April 9... We went to the beach with Fred and the Geurts clan. We had quite a fun time. The weather was wonderful and Liam loved everything about it. He played in the sand a bit, dipped his feet in the water, and soaked up the sun. I forgot my camera, so we'll have to wait for a couple of weeks until Fred gets home to upload his. I did get this one with my phone. I think he looks so happy. I love it!