Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Special Announcement

We interrupt the regularly scheduled update posts to bring you this special announcement:

The Brady clan will be expanding this June. 
We will now be including pinks and purples into our mix of blues and greens. 
The princess car will not seem so out of place. 
We couldn't be more excited to be blessed with a little baby girl!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

October 2013

The only thing I can really remember about October is Halloween.  Of course, I made our costumes and, of course, Liam had them planned out for about a year in advance.  He even wanted his little stuffed dog to have a costume.  So, here we are:

We went with a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme.  Since Stuffy didn't get in on this shot, here he is all dressed up as Skully:
We've got Jake and his trusty sidekick, Cubby:
Here's Cubby by himself, because he looks super cute:
Mr. Smee without the sideburns and glasses, unfortunately:
Captain Hook with awesome hair:
Here they are trick-or-treating:

And examining their spoils:
They had fun dressing up as characters from their favorite show.  I had fun making all of the costumes.  It was a good Halloween all around.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Girls' Weekend: September 2013

These ladies... I sure love them!
At the end of September, I had the opportunity to go out to Joseph, Oregon with this beautiful group to stay at Katie's family's ranch.  It was a wonderful few days of relaxation and fun.  I ate yummy food (probably gained a few pounds), zip lined over the crazy cold lake, jumped in fully clothed, played on the four-wheelers, lazed about in the sun, actually got more than a couple hours of sleep at night, hiked, fed some deer, made dinner over the fire, and had a really good time. 

I had just started a semester of school and had to take some pictures showing certain design principles for a project.  So, some of these pictures were for that. Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and I'm glad I could go.  Thanks, especially, to Mike, who watched the kids and made it possible for me to go with these wonderful ladies.  Let's do it again, sometime, gals... whatdya say!?

Liam's birthday: September 2013

Yikes.  It's been since August, and that was just a photo dump.  Anybody who reads this blog, though, probably sees us on facebook, too, so you're probably up to date.  For the rest of you... follow us on facebook. :)  And here's another few posts to tell you what we've been up to since August.  We'll start with September:

Liam's birthday was September 5 and we did a birthday party on the 7th.  He decided a few months prior that he wanted a fox party, so that's what he got. 

 Cake (Ice Cream Cake)
 Party masks

The kids played a couple of games, busted open the pinata, helped open presents, played with all the new toys, ate lots of goodies, and had a fun time.

 Take home gifts: goody bag and fox mask

Happy Birthday, little Fox!